Investigating the Mediation Role of Information Technology (IT) Components in the Relationship between Knowledge Management (KM) Processes and Decision-Making

  •  Maha Alkhaffaf    


This paper is focused on providing a justification and rationale for the relationship between Knowledge Management (KM) theories, components of Information Technology (IT), and Decision-Making. A literature review is provided with the aim of examining the potential constructs associated with KM processes and components of IT in order to investigate potential aspects and factors pertaining to Decision-Making. In consideration to the findings garnered through the literature review, a research hypothetical framework was devised, combining the model characteristic constructs of the suggested model. In order to achieve framework validation, a survey was carried out across a total of 182 technical and administrative staff employed by various top and middle levels at a telecommunications organisation in Jordan—notably, Zain. Through the application of PLS Graph software coupled with the Structural Equation Model (SEM), an analysis was completed in consideration to the interrelationships inherent in those latent variables identified, comprising Decision-Making, IT components and KM processes. The findings garnered following the completion of the analysis suggest that there is an entirely mediating role in Knowledge Discovery and Knowledge Update. Furthermore, Knowledge-Sharing and Knowledge Application are, in part, mediating. In contrast, however, the relationship between IT components and Decision-Making are not mediated by Knowledge Capture and Knowledge Storage.

This paper has been successful in filling the gap in the literature through garnering and highlighting further empirical evidence pertaining to the effects of KM processes on Decision-Making, with IT components positioned as a mediation construct.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.