Optimization of the Replenishment Strategy for the Supplier Based on Genetic Algorithm

  •  Ke Zhu    
  •  Hengshan Wang    
  •  Yuanyuan Kong    
  •  Sheng Li    


In the supply chain management, the supplier can reduce its total cost by providing price discounts to restrict the
retailers’ replenishment intervals to multiples of a common replenishment interval. In order to accomplish this
purpose, supplier often determined a price discount that all the retailers can accept. After the cost of the supplier
was further considered, a better price discount was designed, which can meet all the retailers’ requirements to
maximize their benefits. And a new supplier’s minimization problem model based on stackelberg game was
designed also. Then a genetic algorithm is used to solve the supplier’s replenishment model. Experiment results
of the genetic algorithm demonstrated the feasibility and the effectiveness of the strategy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.