Adopting a Strategic Approach to Matching People to Jobs

  •  Chalette Griffin    


This conceptual analysis explores recruiters’ ability to utilize the practice of strategic foresight to scan internal and external environments as a strategic plan to matching people to jobs. In today’s volatile market, it is no longer useful for recruiters to attract and hire talent with a desultory mindset when filling open positions without considering internal and external factors. Today’s recruiters must become more deliberate in who they hire by having a tactical plan to attract and retain the most qualified people in an unpredictable global market. Through the process of developing a conceptual framework model, this paper aims to present three strategic foresight competencies required for recruiters to match people to jobs. Also, this conceptual analysis will argue the need for recruiters to possess a strategic mindset to attract and hire the most qualified people to an organization. Furthermore, discuss the implications of recruiters who lack strategic foresight competencies. The practice of strategic foresight is now a requirement for recruiters to become cognizant of internal and external factors such as competitive behavior, technological change, political and economic conditions and human capital, which can influence their approach to matching people to jobs. Overall, when recruiters match talent based on the company’s strategic drivers rather than blindly fill open positions without a tactical plan, organizations can better achieve its performance potential.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.