Understanding the Influence of CEO Tenure and CEO Reputation on Corporate Reputation: An Exploratory Study in Italy

  •  Francesca Conte    


The study aims at investigating the main activities of corporate reputation in which CEOs are actively engaged, focusing also on the influence of CEOs tenure on their commitment in reputation management. Moreover, the paper analyzes the CEO’s view on the relation between CEO reputation and company’s reputation. Through a structured questionnaire, a web survey has been carried out addressing CEOs of large companies located in Italy and included in the report of Mediobanca. Findings highlight a relevant CEO commitment in corporate reputation management, above all in leadership, performance and workplace activities. Long-tenured CEOs tend to be more involved in managing firm’s reputation, than short-tenured CEOs. The study also shows CEOs are aware that their reputation are increasingly intertwined with the corporate reputation. The paper supports the strategic leadership perspective, contributing to the ongoing debate on CEO reputation. The influence of CEOs’ good name on company’s reputation stimulates them, and communication managers, to create an effective CEOs’ brand. The paper is the first study that provides empirical evidence on the increasing importance of CEO’s role in Italian large companies, and it can be viewed as a starting point for future cross-country comparison.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.