An Empirical Study of Female E-shopper’s Satisfaction with Cosmetic Products in China

  •  Yaxin Ma    
  •  Shaohua Yang    


This study investigated the factors affecting female e-shopper’s satisfaction with cosmetic products. Particularly it focuses on the online purchasing of cosmetics by female e-shoppers in five northwestern provinces in China. Previous literature claimed that price, quality and delivery speed of cosmetics have a profound impact on customer’s online shopping satisfaction. Through comparison with physical stores’ performance, price differences between online and offline, quality of products and delivery time help us understand the changes in e-shopper buying behavior. To bridge a gap in the current literature, we attempted to investigate which factor is most important to female e-shopper’s satisfaction when they purchase cosmetic products online in China. We adopted a quantitative method in study. Factors analysis and reliability testing was conducted via SPSS. Our analysis indicated that price consciousness is the most influential factor in female e-shopper’s satisfaction. Based on our findings and insights in this study, it suggested that if the online sellers can further adjust the price of cosmetic products or have regular online promotions, it will attract more consumers. In addition, online stores and suppliers should reach an agreement on small profits with quick turnover, thus achieving the dual interests of buyers and sellers. Several policy implications of female e-shopper’s satisfaction with cosmetic products are discussed as well. Through our research, this study further provided conceptual basis for the study of Chinese consumers’ online buying behavior.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.