Entrepreneurial University and Business Education: Towards a Network Model

  •  Maddalena della Volpe    


In this study, we aim to reach a better understanding of the critical issues that affect the achievement of the University third mission. We argue that the third mission is positively linked to the first one. Renewing the teaching way and building a dynamic system of cooperation between university players means obtain positive results that integrate the proposal of an Entrepreneurial University (EU) model into a new network perspective. In order to identify its characteristics, resources and activities, we provide a literature review about the EU. We collect the more frequently shared indicators so as to define the EU model and consider new indicators, such as internships and more highly skilled students. We propose to design the EU ecosystem as a network where it is possible to identify the players involved, the activities performed and the tools used. Particularly, we refer to Italy. Within a network, interaction ways among actors are renewed, reinforced and changed. Each university could build its own network, according to its history, culture and environment. We pinpoint obstacles and incentives only exploring literature review. We do not have empirical data or case studies to support directly the feasibility and applicability of our model. Redesigning University-Business Cooperation to renew entrepreneurial learning environments. Obtaining an applicable perspective starting from the strengths of each university environments. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset inside students. Highlighting a dynamic, released, flexible approach, fit to different contexts.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.