An Exploratory Approach of the Mission Statement: Case of Saudi Arabia Business Schools

  •  Fahad Alolayan    
  •  Wided Ragmoun    
  •  Hanene Saidi    


Many studies on mission statements have applied one of three perspectives, those of components, stakeholders, and objectives, in their content analysis studies. This current study analyzed the mission statements of Saudi business schools by using the three perspectives together.  Data were collected from 22 Saudi business schools’ mission statements. The results show that Saudi business schools’ mission statements are not well formulated, given that the majority of mission statements' objectives are totally absent, and the components and stakeholders are moderately mentioned in the studied missions. Drawing upon the three aforementioned perspectives, the results of this study provide business schools with valuable guidance to formulate accurate and effective mission statements.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.