The Global Business Crisis and Consumer Behavior: Kingdom of Bahrain as a Case Study

  •  Durra Mansoor    
  •  Akram Jalal    


The consumer is the most elemental basis for any business organization; hence, their core behaviour is also of
great importance and significance for a successful marketing experience and financial affluence. However,
consumer purchasing behaviour can vary severely and has a very intricate trend. Consumer buying behaviour has
been attracting the studies and interest of a large amount of commercial and academic faction for a long time.
The level of intricacy of the process where the consumer buying can relate to has made the trend greatly difficult
to be predicted and managed. This research aims to study the impact of the Global Business Crisis on Bahraini
consumers, investigate their perception of this problem and whether their consumption behaviour has changed as
a result.
As known, the current financial downturn had a huge influence on the economic and social aspects of consumers
around the globe. Different behaviour has been shifted through different level of economies, one of which, the
Bahraini culture purchasing pattern. For this reason, this research is aimed to focus on the changing trends in
consumer buying behaviour in the present global business crisis.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.