Information Technology Acceptance: From Perspective of Malaysian Bankers

  •  Zarehan Selamat    
  •  Nahariah Jaffar    


This study examines the adoption and acceptance of information technology from the perspective of Malaysian
bankers. The results of the study indicate that majority of Malaysian bankers heavily used computer for routine
jobs such as paper work and data maintenance but rarely use the computer for advance functions such as
business analysis, planning and decision making. Malaysian bankers also rarely used professional software for
specific purposes such as statistical analysis or programming languages. The regression result of this study
appeared to suggest that perceived usefulness, management support and external computing support were found
to be the most influential factors in determining microcomputer usage among bankers in Malaysia. Overall, the
results of this study are valuable to both researchers and bank management in providing new insights about the
IT from bankers’ point of view.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.