Authentic Leadership and Employees’ Work-related Quality of Life: A Study of IT Organizations in India

  •  Nidhi Yadav    
  •  Shikha Dixit    


This article intends to explore the impact of authentic leadership on employees’ work-related quality of life. Previous studies have demonstrated that well-being of employees is an important aspect that needs to be focused upon by the organizations. It has also been documented that employee well-being at workplace is one of the positive outcomes associated with authentic leadership. However, there is a need for further empirical investigation to corroborate these findings. Therefore, an attempt has been made to assess the relationship between authentic leadership and employees’ work-related quality of life (WRQoL) which comprises of six dimensions encompassing well-being of employees not just in professional realm but also in personal life. This study has been conducted on team leaders and their team members in several IT organizations located in Delhi-NCR. The total sample for this study includes 45 team leaders and 122 team members. Multi-level analysis of data has been done using Hierarchical Linear Modeling (HLM). Findings indicate that authentic leadership has a significant positive influence on all the dimensions of WRQoL of the employees. Implications of this study have also been discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.