The Fairness Relationship with Trust and Trustworthiness in Mobile Sector in Saudi Arabia

  •  Mohammed Al-Amri    
  •  Abdulaziz Al Shammary    


This study attempt to explore the relationship of most fairness factors  (distributive, procedural, and interactional) which in turn contribute significantly to customer trust and trustworthiness, whereby we consider the study investigation and finding as an important key success of existing companies as well as market entrants, as the challenges and fast growing characterizing the market with a wide increasing range of demands versus narrow offers, whereby this mismatch affecting the perceived fairness and trust relationship and further influence temper of trustworthiness of both parties. The conceptual model, literature review and proposed hypotheses and its justification were been built based on the most related theories alike social exchange, equity and fairness heuristic theories and mutual previous studies in the same or in related field, the study was performed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, among (300) customers of different mobile providers, the results reported a positive relationship of proposed hypotheses which in turn proves the importance of fairness different dimension and the impact of the same on customer trust and trustworthiness.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.