The Role of Corporate Risk Managers in Country Risk Management: A Survey of Jordanian Multinational Enterprises

  •  Adel Al Khattab    


The recent growth in diplomatic, civil and military conflicts presents evolving challenges for international
business. These risks create new sources of country risk. Country risk, in this sense, is commonly associated with
the risk faced by enterprises in developed countries while conducting their business operations in developing or
politically volatile countries. Few studies, however, have been carried out on the impact of country risk on
enterprises from developing countries operating in other developing countries.
This research investigates the role of the risk manager in country risk assessment (CRA) within Jordanian
multinational enterprises (MNEs) by adopting a survey strategy. The methodology included questionnaires which
distributed to the entire Jordanian multinational enterprises.
The main finding of this research was the role of risk managers is still not being maximised, and enterprises may
not be achieving optimum benefits from their risk management system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.