The Influence of Tactical Flexibilities on the Competitive Advantage of a Firm: An Empirical Study on Jordanian Industrial Companies

  •  Abdulkareem S. Awwad    


This study aims at investigating the influence of tactical flexibilities (mix flexibility, volume flexibility, and
modification flexibility) on the competitive advantage of a firm. To address this objective, a cross-sectional
survey employing a questionnaire method of data collection is adopted. The study targets operations managers,
plant managers, and quality managers in Jordanian Manufacturing Companies listed in Amman Stock Exchange
Market. A total of 153 usable responses are received representing a response rate of 69.5%. For the purpose of
data analysis, the research utilizes multivariate data analysis using exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis.
The results of structural equation modeling analysis indicate significant impact of tactical flexibilities on
competitive advantage. The study includes managerial implications for managers and proposes several directions
for future research such as examining the role of tactical flexibilities in planning the corporate and functional
strategies of a firm.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.