The Categorising Characteristics of Facebook Pages: Using the K-Means Grouping Method

  •  Pin Luarn    
  •  Hong-Wen Lin    
  •  Yu-Ping Chiu    
  •  Yu-Liang Shyu    
  •  Pei-Ching Lee    


This study conducts the K-means grouping analysis on 1,373 Facebook pages in order to find the difference and characteristics between groups, and furthermore attempt to understand the behavioural characteristics of Facebook page users. The study produces four clusters with different characteristics, all of which are named and defined according to their qualities. The four types of pages are the “functional video and audio informational pages,” “audio and video entertainment with low discussion pages,” “high-identifying celebrity pages”, and “food and travel with active discussion pages.” The result of this study not only provides a clear understanding of the grouping structure of Facebook pages, but also provides reference for fan page managers when constructing management strategies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.