How Individual-focused Transformational Leadership Enhances Its Influence on Job Performance through Employee Work Engagement

  •  Amin Pourbarkhordari    
  •  Er Hua Zhou    
  •  Javad Pourkarimi    


The aim of present study was in line with transformational theory to examine the direct and indirect effect of individual-focused transformational leadership (TFL) on leader-rated Job Performance. Data collected through questionnaires from sample of 202 employees of a national state-owned mobile telecommunications company in China. Afterwards, the hierarchical multiple regressions were adapted to examine the proposed hypotheses. Empirical findings of data provides evidence to support our intended hypothesizes and revealed that individual-focused TFL and Employee Work Engagement (EWE) were significantly related to Job Performance, in which the effect of individual TFL on Job Performance was mediated by the EWE. Practically, indicated that work groups or organizations by stimulating and inspiring leaders who would demonstrate transformational behaviors as a significant prerequisite for employees to be engaged, may be able to increase employees’ Job Performance. This study was one of the first to examine antecedents and consequence of EWE simultaneously. More implications for theory, practices for practitioners and future researches are discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.