Exploratory Study of Leadership Behavior Impact on Environmental Performance of Industrial Companies in Libya

  •  Tarek Alaati    
  •  Muhammad Nizam    
  •  Ary Setyawan    
  •  Prabang Setyono    


This research purposed to investigate the impact of the leadership behaviour on environmental performance in Akakus Oil Operation Company in Libya. The case study conducted was specifically designed to investigate the connection between leadership behaviour style (supportive and directive leadership behaviour) and the implementation status based on international standard systems that is encompassed on total quality management (TQM) and environmental management system (EMS). TQM and EMS are crucial techniques to increase the environmental performance within industrial organizations. Survey was carried out to collect the primary data. Random sampling technique applied to get the data. 200 respondents who consisted of supervisor, managers and employees of Akakus Oil Operation Company, Libya were involved to participate on this study. The statistical result showed a strong relationship between the leadership behavior and environmental performance. Moreover, there are massive impacts of the leadership on environmental performance. In addition, the leadership behavior play important role in determining the overall implementation status of TQM key elements and EMS in the Libyan Organization. Further, this work contributes to the existed knowledge about empirical impact of the leadership behavior on environmental performance within the industrial and manufacturing companies in Libya. The variables were tested through different aspects to provide comprehensive views on the factors which affect the environmental performance in Akakus Oil Operation Company in Libya.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.