The Role of Human Resources Development Climate in Building Positive Job Attitudes and Extra-Role Behaviors

  •  Mamdouh Ewis    


Telecom companies working under a rapidly changing and highly competitive environment. These companies must encourage and motivate their employees to improve individual and organizational performance. Researchers and practitioners recognize the importance of organizational commitment, work engagement, and organizational citizenship behavior, especially, when available HRD climate. Using a sample of two hundred and forty-six employees from three Saudi telecom companies completed the survey with response rate 61.5%, this study examined the impacts of HRD climate on two positive work attitudes represented in organizational commitment and work engagement, and positive extra-role behaviors represented in organizational citizenship behavior. In the current study, HRD climate was found to significantly and positively influence organizational commitment, work engagement, and organizational citizenship behavior. The current study also provided a set of practical applications and future directions according to what has been discussed from the results. tter access to short-term debt consequently reducing agency problems and the risk of refinancing.

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