Online Purchase: A Study of Generation Y in Malaysia

  •  Lim Ying San    
  •  Azizah Omar    
  •  Ramayah Thurasamy    


Internet had changed the way businesses do business and the way consumers purchase the goods and services. With internet, the consumers can conduct their online shopping without hassle. Among all the internet users, Generation Y is the group of consumers who actively involved in online purchase. The total online purchase is expected to hit USD1.7 trillion by year 2015. However, in the developing country like Malaysia, the growth in online purchase is still relatively slow compare to the global trend. This aim of this study is to understand the purchase behaviour of Generation Y in Malaysia. The results of the study reveal that Malaysian Generation Y is not ready for online purchase because most of them are still having doubts on the website trust when they come to online purchase.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.