Product Placement: Does It Lead to Brand Recall among Indian Consumers

  •  Kiran Sharma    
  •  Ms. Nayana Nayak    


The marketers are in constant hunger to promote and reinforce their brand name in the customer’s mind. Product placements started way back in early 1950’s which is now used as a powerful tool to promote brands within the context of movies, television shows etc. Product placements are clever marketing tactics used to increase visibility of the product, signage, trademark or logo in the motion picture. It should be seamlessly done to create a sense of realism so that the viewer in no way feels disconnected while watching the screen. Conceptually, Alain d’Astous and Francis Chartier (2000) have asserted that product placements are channels which successfully draw attention of the viewers leading to acceptance of the brand placements followed by brand recall while shopping. The paper also attempts to investigate various other dimensions associated with product placements viz; celebrity endorsements, references and emotions which contribute to recall of the brand and therefore customer satisfaction. From a pragmatic viewpoint it may be construed that by understanding influences of various variables and types of product placement, marketers are likely to envisage and plan the actions in leveraging the channel. The objective in the present study is to identify whether product placements particularly influences a customers’ decision to increase possibility of purchase by recall.

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