Role of Emotional Intelligence on Employee Engagement: A Study among Indian Professionals

  •  Swatee Sarangi    
  •  Aakanksha Vats    


Business firms across the globe have always endeavoured to identify and strengthen drivers of employee engagement at the individual, group and organizational level. Drivers at the individual level have been less researched and tested in previous studies. This study attempts to examine the role of emotional intelligence as an individual antecedent of employee engagement. This is hypothesized drawing from literature that emotional intelligence plays an important role in shaping positive workplace feelings, attitudes and behaviour. Responses captured and analyzed from randomly selected sample of 182 professionals working in Indian organizations revealed that emotional intelligence especially mood repair augments high levels of employee engagement manifested through higher vigor, dedication and absorption in employees. These findings have significant implications for both research and practice.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.