The Diversities of the Competitive Advantage Concepts and Understanding Sourced by Resource-Based Approach to Firm

  •  Pinar Basar    


Aim of the study is to investigate the diversities of competitive advantage concepts and how those companies use their sources to provide sustainability and competitive advantage. Competitive advantage; in the information age, intends to aim at inclining to skills and abilities not easily imitated by competitors in order to capture competitive advantage. A semi-structured interview is conducted with three companies. This research allows the classification of resources by industry profile and can demonstrate differences in that profile. The findings show that intangible resources gains prominence as a competitive advantage and have more impact on performance in many companies as mentioned in other studies. A construction company, a food company and an automotive company are examined. The competitive environment pushes the companies to be innovative and to show corporate image in ways like social responsibility, where the know-how and intellectual property is one of the most important way for sustainability. Know – how and experience create deliver tangible results. The learning opportunities engage employees and reinforce company culture, where the companies operate in an environment where new technologies replace many core functions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.