Creating Market Orientation in a Professional High-Tech Organization

  •  Helena Lamberg    
  •  Elina Narvanen    


Despite the continuous academic interest toward the concept of market orientation, there is still a need for research that explores how it is implemented in organizations. This study is based on an inquiry of a global, professional high-tech organization. The methodology of the study is action research which enables a close access to data and an insider’s perspective combined with theoretical relevance and analytical rigor. We analyze the process of implementing market orientation in the case organization and as a result, present a stage model. Through data analysis, we identify four stages: 1) initiation of change, 2) building commitment, 3) building understanding through institutionalization and 4) maintenance. The study contributes by increasing theoretical insight on the creation of market orientation with a real empirical case that has been studied longitudinally. The study has implications for theory and practice, yielding also methodological insights for studying the implementation of market orientation in the future.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.