Does Gender Equality Base Selection, Pose Serious Challenge for Researchers? A Review Based on Earlier Studies

  •  Ghulam Nabi    
  •  Song Wei    


The basic purpose of this study is to analyze the various researches conducted by different researchers with multiple perspectives to identify their contribution in analyzing gender equality from the recruitment and selection perspective of the new employees. This study has classified these researchers under the various categories to understand them with proper objectivity, so that some valuable suggestion can be drawn, that may be helpful for further studies to reach the best possible solution of this most serious aspect of the gender equality. It has been concluded that a comprehensive study is needed to address the broader area of recruitment and selection, preferably in the government controlled institutions, because of its impact on macro level across the decision making levels in the country. This study is significant as it summarizes the studies under the various categories that not only are helpful for further analysis but also serve as guidelines to understand the new aspects which enable us to design a comprehensive study for finding an effective solution to this global concerning phenomenon.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.