Total Reward Strategy: A Human Resources Management Strategy Going with the Trend of the Times

  •  Zhou Jiang    
  •  Qian Xiao    
  •  Henan Qi    
  •  Lei Xiao    


As a modern reward management method, total reward strategy has been used more and more by managers and scholars. Like all the other mature human resources management approaches and strategies, total reward strategy need to be analyzed and practiced throughout the time to make it work effectively and perfectly. In this article, the dimensionalities of total reward strategy which varies at all times has been summarized through the trend of times and redefined. Managers would gain remarkable profits for the organization they governed if they use the integrated total reward strategy properly. The strategy will not only improve the performance of staffs, act important role of decision making process of an organization, but also solve existing and potential compensation problems as well.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.