Human Resource Management: A Central Business Concern in Today’s Economy

  •  Kodjo Ezane Joseph    
  •  Changjun Dai    


This paper highlights a theoretical framework for the value and importance of human resource management (HRM) in today’s economy, that is, globalization that has been having a noteworthy influence on the field of HRM. As the old economy was based on physical assets, today’s economy is based on knowledge and information and is characterized by electronic communication, computer, network systems, and satellite communication. A qualitative research design was employed. Questionnaire was conducted using Lawshe’s technique through an evaluation panel which was comprised of 14 participants. The various ratios of our results were higher than the content validity ratio (CVR) value of 0.51 for a total number of 14 panelists. The determination of the content validity index (CVI) was calculated through the mean of the CVR values. The CVI was 0.84 and this result indicated that our model is reliable and acceptable.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.