Management Elements for Interpretation Placard System in Mountain Scenic Resort

  •  Hongmei Dong    


Tourism interpretation placard system is an important carrier conveying information about scenic resort, which can not only serve tourists but also benefit the management. At present, lots of problems exist in mountain scenic resorts’ tourism interpretation placard system, which influences the resorts’ images and sustainable development. Considering the requirements for interpreting mountain scenic resorts, this paper probes into the management elements for interpretation placard system: establish interpretation placards’ locations, contents, and ways in display, and advance to improve the interpretations for natural landscapes, form scientific interpretation views, actualize standardization and characterization of tourism interpretation placard system, and strengthen tourists’ safety, with the hope for improving the quality and the utility of constructing mountain scenic resorts’ interpretation placard system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.