A Study of on the Job Training Effectiveness: Empirical Evidence of Iran

  •  Mehrdad Alipour    
  •  Mahdi Salehi    
  •  Ali Shahnavaz    


Training is essential to the growth and economic well-being of a nation. This need for training pervades all levels of industry, for a national level where a country’s well being in enhanced by training, to each company where productivity is improved, down to the individual whose skills are enhanced and as a result improve their position in the workplace. In other words, Training is one of the most pervasive methods for enhancing individual productivity and improving job performance in the work environment (Goldstein and Ford 2002; Gupta and Bostrom 2006). Training effectiveness must cause behavior change (i.e. skill transfer for job performance), thereby resulting in organizational performance (Goldstein and Ford 2002). The results of this study shows that on the job training is strongly affects to more creativity, achieving organizational objectives and improves work quality.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.