Research on an Optimization Model for Logistics Nodes System Layout and Its Solution Algorithm

  •  Dezhi Zhang    
  •  Shuangyan Li    


Based on the logistics nodes system consisting of first-degree logistics node (logistics park) secondary logistics nodes (including logistics center and distribution center), a dynamic logistics nodes location model of multi-period , multi-type cargo flow and multiple logistics nodes is given. The optimization model considers the factors including fixed cost for logistics opening, handling cost and economic of scale of different type logistics nodes. An effective algorithm based on the improved minimum cost-maximal flow algorithm and genetic algorithm is presented according to the characteristic of optimization problem. Finally, a numerical example is provided to validate the proposed model and solution algorithm. The findings indicate that the model proposed in this paper is a useful tool for the investigation of the Multi-period and Multiple Logistics Node Dynamic Location Problem.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.