Servant Leadership, Employee Satisfaction, and Organizational Performance in Rural Community Hospitals

  •  Jack McCann    
  •  Daniel Graves    
  •  Lieven Cox    


Servant leadership in today’s healthcare settings provides a unique avenue through which to assess leadershipbehaviors and the relationship to employee satisfaction and healthcare patient satisfaction measures. This studysought to determine the degree that leaders in community hospitals were perceived as servant leaders and thelevel of employee satisfaction at these rural community hospitals. Two hundred nineteen surveys werecompleted from 10 community hospitals. This research revealed that servant leadership and employeesatisfaction are strongly correlated. In addition, servant leadership has a significant correlation between intrinsicsatisfaction and HCAHPS scores. Further research can be extended to additional categories and geographic areasof the United States to determine how servant leadership, employee satisfaction, and HCAHPS are related.Hospital administrators should examine the findings of this study for possible implications to their leadershipstyle and practice in determining how it may impact the organization they lead.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.