Employability Factors of Business Graduates in Kuwait: Evidence from An Emerging Country

  •  Abdulla AL-Mutairi    
  •  Kamal Naser    
  •  Muna Saeid    


This study is set out to explore factors considered by employers when recruiting business graduates in Kuwait.Four categories of employability factors were used in the current study covering graduates knowledge, soft skills,personal abilities and working with groups. A questionnaire that contained these factors was distributed toKuwaiti employers and the participants were asked to express the level of importance they assign to each ofthese categories. The results of the analysis revealed that participants attach a highest level of importance tograduates knowledge, soft skills and ability to work within groups. The participants attach low level ofimportance to the personal abilities of the graduates. The study concludes that employability factors are affectedby employers' background characteristics, the firm's nature, size and ownership (whether family, public orgovernment). Needless to say, in a country like Kuwait, employability factors are governed by cultural and socialconsiderations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.