Influence of the Store Ambiance on Customers’ Behavior—Apparel Stores in Malaysia

  •  Zohre Hosseini    
  •  Sreeenivasan Jayashree    


This present study explores the effects of the apparel stores’ environment on customers’ behavior in Malaysia. Inessence, the social association that the consumer relates to the experience of shopping depends on theenvironment of the store. Developing a store ambiance that is culturally significant for the shopper will helpform the retailer’s image and reputation. As such, a survey of shopping mall customers’ attitude toward storeambience and its principal components were analyzed to identify the effect of the primary factors of storeambience on customer behavior. A questionnaire based on a five-item Likert scale, as well as random sampling,was employed for data collection. Data analysis was accomplished using SPSS software. The findings are incorrelation with the objectives stated prior to the start of the research. Moreover, the results reflect theachievement of the current study in achieving the aims that are expected to be discovered. Regardless ofnationality, the customers possess high level of knowledge, attitude, and opinions regarding the effects of thestore atmosphere, music, and service on customers’ behavior. The results show a positive and significantrelationship between the store atmosphere, service, and music with customers’ behavior, as the Pearson’scoefficients show positive values (correlation-bivariate) and the p-values are less than 0.05 (regression analysis)respectively. Thus, this relationship matches the fundamental aims of this research. The findings providesufficient information to the manager of the retail store regarding the importance of the store dimension andimage from the perspective of customers. Retailers that fail to maintain the proper store image tend to losecustomers and to diminish the corporate image of the company. The current study contributes to the retailers’understanding of the store image that meets customers’ requirements and upholds the corporate identity.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.