Guiding Principles for Successful Enterprise Performance Solution System Implementations

  •  Thomas Woolman    


Enterprise Performance Solution Systems (EPSS) encompass a critical niche capability within the greaterspectrum of Business Analytics systems. Significant financial reporting and management theory challengesrelate to the design, implementation and successful utilization of these powerful corporate capital planning andanalysis systems. Chief among the technical challenges are the metadata and fact data integrations with legacy,data warehouses and ERP repositories. Management theory challenges may be even more significant and relateto conflicts between and within corporate information technology and financial reporting cultures, datagovernance practices, and understanding oftentimes disparate forecasting and budgeting methodologies withinaspects of the organization. Guiding principles are explored in this paper with the objective of mitigatingcommon technical and functional area hurdles which can impact the success of these implementations. Strategiesfor enhancing the system design process and interactions between operational management end users and systemdesigners are also explored.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.