The Association between Economic Value Added, Market Value Added and Leverage

  •  Aloy Niresh, J.    
  •  Alfred M.    


It is commonly agreed in notion that the financial aim of the firm should be the magnification of shareholdervalue as exposed in the market value of the firms’ stocks. Shareholder value creation generally be represented bythe Market Value Added (MVA). The best way to maximize MVA is to maximize Economic Value Added (EVA),which reflects the net earnings of the organization in surplus of the charges for shareholders’ endowed capital. Inthis research leverage and EVA have been used as the independent variables whereas MVA has been used as themeasure of shareholder wealth creation. Correlation and regression methods have been employed to find out inwhat way financial managers can practice the effects of leverage and EVA to maximize MVA. There is noindicative association between EVA and MVA and leverage and MVA, the findings reveal. Furthermore, theresults showed that both EVA as well as leverage have no profound impact on Market Value Added of theselected listed private banks in Sri Lanka.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.