Studying Aspects and Indices of Social Capital of Universities—A Case Study of Zahedan Islamic Azad University

  •  Ali Reza Sargolzaie    


The study addresses the dimensions and indicators of social capital to provide an appropriate model for socialcapital pathology in universities. The aim of the study is applicable, the data was collected by correlating – studymethod which was conducted in survey. The population includes 400 faculty members from Islamic university ofZahedan. The seven dimension of social capital such as identity, empowerment, cooperation and public benefit,trust, cooperative management, knowledge sharing and social net are measured in current and desired condition.The methods of collecting information are including: library study (books, journals, database, Internet…)questionnaire by using SPSS software the amount of trust coefficient is calculated with Alpha Cronbach and thestatistical society of this research is professors of Islamic Azad University, Zahedan Branch. In order to studycausative relationship between variables it was benefit from structural equations with multi variable analysisincluding: Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Classical Simultaneous Equation Models, Path Analysis, multiregression, variance analysis and other statistical methods. And the result of this study shows that there issignificant relationship between them.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.