The Benefits of Organizational Citizenship Behavior for Job Performance and the Moderating Role of Human Capital

  •  Yu-Chen Wei    


This study aims to investigate the relationship between organizational citizenship behavior directed towardindividuals (OCBI) and the organization (OCBO), and job performance. In addition, the moderating role ofexperiential/intelligential human capital on the above relationship was also examined. Data was collected from585 R&D engineer supervisor-subordinate dyads currently employed at high-tech companies. OCBI and OCBOwere found to be positively related to job performance. In addition, an engineer’s experiential human capitalwould lessen the positive effect of OCB on job performance; in other words, OCB would be of greater benefit toless experienced employees than to experienced ones. Finally, the current study also found that employeesengaging in OCBO would have even better job performance if they also had greater intelligential human capital.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.