Personal Profile of the Leader: Explanatory Factor in the Practice of Business Intelligence

  •  Hourenatou -    
  •  Tsapi Victor    


With globalization, the discovery of new opportunities and their realization can only be successful if companieshave an adequate field of vision. They must have the ability to collect, store, distribute and analyze informationespecially relating to the status and trends of socio-economic environment. Hence the development of businessintelligence structures within companies. Almost all developed countries have realized the importance of thisactivity and have developed intelligence. Africa in general and Cameroon in particular, knowledge and practiceof business intelligence is very low both at market and state level. The business leader is considered as the mainactor of this practice, the empirical study of 62 companies in Cameroon not only to highlight the characteristicsof the practice of business intelligence but also to analyze the influence of personal profile the leader of thispractice.

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