A Study of Customer Loyalty Management in Chinese Retail Supermarket

  •  Wen Cheng Wang    
  •  Ying Chang Chen    
  •  Ying Chien Chu    


The retailer style includes department store, hypermarket, supermarkets, convenience stores, cooperative union, traditional markets and shopping mall in Taiwan. This thesis wants from the supermarkets to make the further discussion. The study of customer loyalty, particularly customer loyalty research on Chinese retail supermarket--Wumart Group has some significance. With the increasingly furious competition, the profit margins constantly decline and it needs to find new profit growth points through customer loyalty resources mastered by the retail enterprise. At the same time, major retail enterprises in China have taken different management strategies to avoid brutal price wars. The customer loyalty provides support for differentiated strategies, such support is not only reflected in materials of the purchase information provided by the customer information, but also reflected in the learn-type relationship between the retail business and customer loyalty. Therefore, the research on customer loyalty is a required course for modern retail enterprises, especially for supermarkets.

Research will focus mainly on surveys to get data and the interviews. The second objective of the research is to identify the determinants of service loyalty in Wumart Group. Apart from assessing the extent of customer churn in the supermarket, primary research is carried out to test the proposed model of customer loyalty. This study seeks not only to examine the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, but also to include the analysis on the areas of customer loyalty and switching behaviours influenced by loyalty club cards.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.