Human Resource Development Climate (HRDC) in the Banking Sector: General and Gender Perceptions

  •  Benjamin O. Akinyemi    


This study examines the state of Human Resource Development Climate (HRDC) in Nigerian commercial banksas perceived by employees in general. The perceptional differences on the level of HRDC by gender categoriesare also examined. Using Abraham and Rao’s HRDC 38-item questionnaire, data from 310 respondents, with303 valid responses, were entered into excel sheet and analyzed to determine frequencies, mean scores, standarddeviation and percentages for four variables: HRDC, General Climate, HRD Mechanism, and the openness,confrontation, trust, autonomy, pro-activity, authenticity and collaboration (OCTAPAC) Culture. Result of dataanalysis indicates that generally, employees perceive the overall HRDC and its three dimensions of generalclimate, HRD mechanism and OCTAPAC culture to be at an average or moderate level. The perceptions of bothmale and female subjects also indicate an average HRDC level although female participants report slightlyhigher scores than the male subjects but these scores are still at an average level on all the dimensions of HRDCmeasured. The implications of this result for organizations in general and the banking industry in particular arediscussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.