The Impact of Green Innovation on Organizational Performance, Environmental Management Behavior as a Moderate Variable: An Analytical Study on Nuqul Group in Jordan

  •  Anas Alhadid    
  •  As’ad Abu-Rumman    


Purpose: The purpose of the study is to examine the impact of green innovation (green product innovation,green process innovation) on organizational performance. The study was applied on Jordanian industrialcompanies, specifically on Nuqul Group in Jordan.

Design/Methodology/Approach: The questionnaire was developed and distributed by 143 questionnaires to thehigher managerial employees and the middle managerial employees (General Manager, Assistant GeneralManager, head of department, assistant head of department and supervisors). The researchers used the Simpleregression and stepwise analysis to measure the effect of Green Innovation on Organizational Performance, andEnvironmental Management Behavior as a Moderate Variable.

Finding: The most important finding of the study is having impact of moral green innovation in organizationalperformance, and also there is impact of the environmental management behavior as a moderator variablebetween green innovation and performance organizational.

Implications: This study confirms the presence impact of green innovation in organizational performance, andthis confirms that the practices of green economic and green management have significant benefits at the level ofthe national economy and achieve significant savings at the level of the Industrial sector.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.