Hair Dressing Entrepreneurs’ Motivation, Personality and Business Performance Research

  •  Lijun Wu    
  •  Tien Chieh Wu    
  •  Wanchun Duan    
  •  Hongjuan Yang    
  •  Sengui Liao    


Our country economic development as affected by globalization, gradually rendering service economy (Chen,Lijing, 2000), this study targeted the internal entrepreneurs of hairdressing chain to explore the relationshipsbetween their personality and performance. Otherwise, the study accounted the entrepreneur’s motivation as thecontrol variable, to examine how the variables of personality, entrepreneur’s motivation, and businessperformance are related. The study uses questionnaires survey as main method, and retrieved sample size of 150valid questionnaires were conducted compiling information for analysis by using spss12.0 statistical software.The results firstly shows that the more personality of extraversion and friendly entrepreneurs have, the betterbusiness performance will be. Then, achievement-money of entrepreneurial achievement motivation affectsbusiness performance significantly. Finally, the mutual affect of extraversion-friendly, and achievement-moneyhas a positive significant effect on Business Performance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.