Relationship between Fluctuated Exports and Economic Growth of Pakistan

  •  Uzma Rasool Khan    


As manufacturing units, small medium enterprises, multinational organizations, entrepreneurship basedorganizations are considered as the engine of growth, barometer, building block of the economy as well as thebackbone of the economy of any country, exactly like that exports of country is considered as an indicator or asource which reflects the internal economic stability and capability of a national progress. Pakistan is a countrywhich is full of national resources, reserves and talent but due to manifolds factors like domestic issues, badgovernance, unachieved goals, insufficient industrial infrastructure, less skilled labor, brain drain, lack ofexposure and access into the international market are the most important factors behind the stagnant andfluctuated exports of Pakistan. So for the purpose to detect the variables affecting exports of Pakistan four of thevariables have been taken as an independent variables and exports is taken as a dependent variable, While Fixedinvestment capital and inflation showed strong significant relationship statistically and explored that to reducethe inflation rate and to increase the fixed investment capital can work as the biggest contributor for the growthof exports and economic development of Pakistan.

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