The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices, Organisational Culture, Organisational Innovation and Knowledge Management on Organisational Performance in Large Saudi Organisations: Structural Equation Modeling With Conceptual Framework

  •  Sami Al-bahussin    
  •  Wael El-garaihy    


The conceptes of human resource management practices, organisational culture, knowledge management,organisational innovation, and organisational performance in the human resource management research fieldhave been implemented. Although the results of literature were significant, no studies were released in order toconduct a study about the function of human resource management practices in intensifying the organisationalperformance with interfering organisational culture, knowledge management, and organisational innovation.The purpose of this study is to narrow this gap in the research. The study, moreover, attempts to investigate theconnections amid organisational culture, knowledge management, and organisational innovation.The researchutilizes causality models and suggests a conceptual schema subsequent to a comprehensive analysis of theliterature linked to human resource management field. A sample of 203 human resource directors working inlarge organisations in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia is used. The confirmatory factor analysis [CFA] andSEM are used to analyze and approve the proposal of the conceptual schema.

The study illustrates that human resource management practices is an important ancestor of organisationalculture, knowledge management, and organisational innovation, which have in turn a positive link toorganisational performance. The research attempts to draw concentration to some of the elements, playing thefunction of arbitrator amid human resource management practices and organisational performance. The study isunique because it is initially conducted to urge the impacts of some important related patterns such as humanresource management practices, organisational culture, knowledge management and organisational innovation,and organisational performance.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.