Exploratory Study of the Impacts of New Technology Implementation on Burnout and Presenteeism

  •  Mouna Knani    


Innovation improves organizational productivity and provides a competitive advantage. However, theimplementation of new technology may have a negative effect on employees’ health, which has received alimited attention in the literature. This exploratory study, based on documentary analysis, in-depth interview andobservation, examines the effect of the implementation of Banner (a new administrative and information system)at a higher education institution on employees’ mental health. Despite the effort invested by the institution tofacilitate the implementation stage and the adoption of the new system, the findings report an increased jobdemand perception, stress, exhaustion, absenteeism, and presenteeism among users. Presenteeism and staffwelfare are on opposite sides. An employee who turns up sick accentuates his illness and becomes less efficient.Indeed, sick presence increases sick absence and turnover. Employees who have worked for the organization forseveral years and those who are close to retirement should be given special attention. They seemingly feel morefrustration because of the lack of support and recognition. Finally, the findings stress the role of social support atwork to reduce the negative effects of the implementation of a new technology.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.