A New Internet DEA Structure: Measurementof Chinese R&D Innovation Efficiency in High Technology Industry

  •  Feng Feng    
  •  Bo Wang    
  •  Yuanyuan Zou    
  •  Yuneng Du    


Studying from the characteristics of the two stagesin the high-tech industry, combining with the practice anddeficiency of the actual measurement, wesummarize China's high-tech industry innovation efficiency calculationmethodsand explore the one of DEA methodin depth to construct a new index system, on which a new internetDEA model (a methodological innovation) is constructed. This new model can be applied to get overallefficiency and the efficiency of the two phases in high-tech industry R&D activities. In the end, the articleshows the application of this model: the ability to analyze China's high-tech industrial innovation efficiency andthe efficiency of high-tech industry's R&D activity in different regions and will have implications for thegovernmental policy-making.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.