The Role of Psychological Engagement in Relationship between Perceived Organizational Support and Withdrawal Behavior and Intentions: An Empirical Study on Small Industries in Egypt

  •  Amir Shusha    


The study of employees' perceptions is gained much importance to determine employee’s behavior at work place.The purpose of this study is to test the direct impact of perceived organizational support and psychologicalengagement on both withdrawal behavior and intentions, and investigates the mediating role of psychologicalengagement in these relationships. Sample data were gathered from 467 subordinates and their supervisors, from20 small factories located in New Damietta industrial zone in Egypt. The study depends on hierarchical multipleregression analysis. The results showed significant negative impact of perceived organizational support andpsychological engagement on both withdrawal behavior and intentions. Furthermore, psychological engagementis partially mediated the relationship between perceived organizational support and both withdrawal behaviorand intentions. The results, limitations of this study, and future research opportunities were discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.