Prioritizing Competitive Strategies in Iranian SME's Based on AHP Approach in Severe Economic Sanctions

  •  Mostafa Hosseinzadeh    
  •  Seyed Mahdi Vesal    
  •  Reza Shamsaddini    
  •  Azadeh Kamel    


Hard and compressed competition, constant change and instable and environmental uncertainty, and creatingnew needs and in consequence of creation of new markets, rapid change in technology and need for constantlearning in organizations and personnel and… are of characteristics of today’s market. Besides changing thestrategic management of e-commerce is changing many other industries. The topic of this research is “reviewand prioritizing of competitive strategies in SME's in AHP method”. The main question to the presence research,is that according to the source and budget limitations that no organization can deploy those competitivestrategies, so how best SME's, can use competitive strategy according to the present time that would fit best inthe hard conditions of the market? Doing this work, we have used Michael Porter’s view about competitivestrategy. This has made of Cost Leadership, Focus, and Differentiation. Statistic research, employers of SME'sand survey-applied research method were used in this research. Data collection entails 63 Iranian SME's were asthe sample for this study. After performing the research, the results reveal that the best strategy amongcompetitive strategies for Iranian SME's is the Cost Leadership Strategy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.