Urbanized Information Systems Nets Benefits: An Empirical Evidence

  •  Leila Trabelsi    
  •  Ines Abid    


New methods thinking about the enterprise architectures are developing, The Urbanization of the IS in particularis proposed as French framework of EA being appropriate to evolve the IS and proposed outcomes of firms.Where IS became one of the main assets of modern corporations. And it faces many problems Among the mostimportant are low productivity and a large number of failures like obsolescence, heavier, slower and complexityof applications integration. The problem of low productivity of IS was the product of the software crisis, asindicated by the delayed development and implementation of ISs and accumulation which leads to maintenanceproblems. To do this, urbanization is a framework that aims to simplify the IS, to improve communicationbetween its components and to ensure its evolution. In an exploratory approach, this research examines theimpacts of urbanization in private sector studying it to ascertain agility and its nets benefits. This was done inorder to ascertain the evolution of IS and guarantee the agility facing the environment turbulence. The generalassertion is that the Urbanized Information Systems (UIS) changes a firm vision because its procure agility toface environment turbulence. The originality of this paper is to explore IS urbanization considered as a Frenchframework of Enterprise Architecture (EA). This research therefore contributes to the body of knowledge by anempirical study and validation of the urbanization success assessments.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.