Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intentions: Impact of Employee’s Training in Private Sector of Saudi Arabia

  •  Khawaja Jehanzeb    
  •  Anwar Rasheed    
  •  Mazen Rasheed    


The purpose of this paper is to investigate impacts of training on organizational commitment and turnover
intentions in private sector of Saudi Arabia. The study seeks to focus the relationship between organizational
commitment and turnover intentions of the employees. A literature review of organizational commitment and
employee turnover provides the basis for the research model and hypotheses. A self-administered questionnaire
was used, involving 251 respondents from leading private organizations of Saudi Arabia to collect data and
testing the existing theory. The results provide strong support for the hypothesis that is the negative relationship
between organizational commitment and turnover intention. Employees’ training is significantly correlated with
organizational commitment, turnover intentions and the commitment-turnover relationship.The sample was
limited to private organization in Saudi Arabia. It may not be appropriate to generalize the findings across other
populations or settings. However, the sample can be viewed as a representative case typical of many other
organizations in the same industry. The results provides insight into the impact of organizational commitment on
turnover intentions in the specific private sector of Saudi Arabia, which might benefit for managers and policy
makers of the concerned organizations and in general for the whole sector. The paper studies the problems that
exist in the private sector of Saudi Arabia.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.