Strategic Macro-Environmental Factor Analysis for Entry into the Fish Vaccines Market in India

  •  Mahendra Pallapothu    
  •  Juergen Krause    


Globally, the aquaculture segment continues to be the fastest growing food-fish producing segment and for India,
the second largest food-fish producing country, it was forecasted that the segment would grow at an average
annual growth rate of approximately 7.0% to reach a total production target of 8-10 million tons by 2020.
Currently no commercial fish vaccines are available in India; therefore, the macro-environmental factors with
respect to the competitive, political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, and legal landscapes, which
influence a potential entrant’s strategic business decisions to set up a fish vaccines company, are evaluated. The
results indicate that although the macro-environmental factors in India are improving there are still some
bureaucratic hurdles to be overcome by an entrant to assure success.

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