The Examining of GSM Operators’ Customer Complaint Management (CCM) Applications in Turkey with Discriminant Analysis

  •  Yildiray Kizgin    
  •  Tahir Benli    


In the active decision- making process, during the purchase, the most notable case is satisfaction or
dissatisfaction of the customer is caused in the purchasing decision. In the recent years, the new structures have
been composed under the name of “Customer Complaint Management” (CCM). In terms of emphasizing the
importance of research and in order to understand the effectiveness of CCM, researched that how the consumers
were evaluated the CCM performance of GSM companies in Turkey. The research was conducted on the
primarily-handed data. This study is a survey that aims to evaluate the “solving the consumer’s complaint for the
Turkcell, Vodafone, Avea companies”. And their performances related to CCM dimensions such as transparency,
accessibility, responsiveness, objectivity and consumer oriented strategies is perceived by the consumers.
Frequency distribution of survey data investigated and reliability of research variables tested by Cronbach Alpha
analysis. Two discrimination functions were evaluated. With the first discrimination function, it is seen that the
Avea has the highest value in comparison with the other companies (0,566); with the second discrimination
function, it is seen that Vodafone has the highest value (0,583). Turkcell has no highest discrimination value in
comparison with the other GSM companies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.